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Introduction - A Year of Magical Learning Project

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

What is it?

A Year of Magical Learning eventually will become a book of 365 daily reflections from books that I've read over the past few years of my life.

This project is inspired by my daughter, Emilia Quinn Sears, and is the next project in our shared life purpose of "Living for 2" that we talked about in our first book, I Can't Imagine ( If you haven't read that yet, please check it out to learn about my amazing daughter and how she changed my life and inspired so many others to do the same. Emilia's impact on me changed me forever! She showed me what true bravery, courage, and strength looks like. She showed me how amazing humans can be and how each of us are tiny miracles in this world. She left me with the strength and inspiration to look at this world differently, the opportunity to use my imagination again, and the ability to create a blueprint of how to live my life for the 2 of us to make the most of our time in this world together.

My current goal is to try and write 5 a week for as long as it takes to hit this 365 day goal. That will give me time to keep reading for new reflections and to get caught up on past books already consumed. I will post 1 new reflection a day Mon-Fri on my blog and share it with you all.

How Did This Project Come to Be?

One of the activities in Emilia and my new normal of "Living for 2" was to try and always learn something new each and everyday. I started reading whatever interested me for 30 minutes each morning after she passed away. Slowly, but surely, over the course of the next year of my life I ended up reading 100+ books from all different genre's (science, religion, spirituality, psychology, natural history, business, culture, humanity, values, etc). I didn't care what it was, if it sounded interesting...I read it. As time went on, I couldn't get enough and was loving every minute of it. Learning became a BLAST! I'm now almost 18 months removed from the start of this new life without my daughter in this physical world and we are reading about 8-10 books new books each month these days and learning more than ever in my life.

As the books started to pile up, I began to realize how much I was learning, how much I didn't know (basically anything), and how much I wanted to share with the world to help others on their own journey's. Life is all about giving. It began to feel pretty bad to be taking from so many amazing authors and mentors while not doing my part to give back myself. Plus, I selfishly wanted to document some of the big A-Ha's I've had in my own quest for knowledge as I was finding that I was beginning to forget what I had learned every once in a while. So this project is my way of giving back, retaining the knowledge I've acquired, and paying it forward to anyone else that wants to hear what I've learned / be sparked by my thoughts and reflections. I hope you enjoy!

Why This Format?

Another staple of our daily "Living for 2" plan was to try and spend some time in reflection each day. Every morning since April 22cd, 2020 (The Date Emilia Passed), I've awoken each morning and tried to spend at least 15-30 minutes reading a reflection and writing my thougths in a journal. We've never missed a day! I've used 3 books of daily reflections (Trusting God Day by Day by Joyce Meyer, Live and Grace | Walk in Love by Bob Goff, and The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday) to spark my own mind each morning to write in my journal and get our day started. I've found immense pleasure and utility in this activity and wanted to pay it forward. That is why I'm creating my own book of daily reflections to share with the world in hopes that it can spark someone else's thoughts each morning and help them in whatever ways I can.

PS - I've only read about 150 books so far (as of 10/8/21) which means I still need 200+ more to hit the goal of 365 for a daily reflection. I'm going to need some help with recommendations! Come join our work/life balance meetup group called ClubAny and stop by our "Anti-Book Club" Event where you can tell me all about what you've been reading and learning so I can add it to my list. See you there -

Finally - Check out this awesome logo I created on Canva...I'm pretty proud of my self with this one. That site is so awesome and easy to use!!!


The Inspiration - Emilia Quinn Sears

  • Learn More About My Why and My Tiny Hero (Emilia Quinn Sears) who Changed My Life and Inspired This Project by Reading our Story I Can't Imagine (Available linked above and on Amazon)

The Infinite Game - ClubAny

  • Searching for a Way to Re-ignite Your Own Imagination and Unite with a Tribe of Purpose Driven Humans? Visit and Start Your Quest Today!

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